A lot of shops and stores will set out a plan at the start of the year which will highlight events in the diary such as Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. and will use that plan to redecorate their shop windows and stores to try and entice people in, capitalise on the season – basically try and increase sales.


With the current digital age your website is your shop front, your store window and for a lot of companies it is their only shop front. So why do we not put as much effort into keeping it fresh? So many companies will have a website built and then tick that box on the list and move on, without visiting it again until something goes wrong, or a few years have passed and it is no longer current. Visitors to your site will usually click away from your site if they are not engaged within the first 15 seconds. New banners, backgrounds, fonts, pop ups etc. are all easy to implement, cheap to create and have a huge affect on your pages and therefore will have a great affect on your conversations.


Our design team prepare seasonal schedules and prepare all the artwork for many companies, and would be only too happy to sit down with you and go through your site and your company design needs. Get in touch today and make an appointment.