When WeCare4Air first came to us they had previously experienced a lot of difficulty with another agency trying to tackle this project, so were naturally a bit apprehensive.  The project was extremely in-depth and required a lot of planning, and handwork before we even started on the build.  The site required data to be captured from the circa 200 Air Quality stations located around the UK, as well as scraping information from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs website on their Air Quality Stations on the hour, every hour.  We then had to take that information and write it into a specially formatted database which the website then accessed.  Each area’s air quality is then measured and an average is provided which produces a Smile or a Frown (5 variations) to highlight the general air quality, graphs are also created and a more detailed and specific report can be generated by the user.  Plus loads of other little cool bits, this was surely one of our most in depth jobs and one we’re really proud to have delivered on.