Here at the office we keep a drawer with toothpaste, deodorant, aftershave, hair gel and a few other items for us to sharpen up for meetings towards the end of the day – or first thing in the morning sometimes! We know that if we look scruffy, do not smell fresh etc. we could be potentially putting people off and more to the point it is embarrassing.

We all strive to make the best first impressions we can, and we all do it in other aspects of our life; first dates, job interviews, meeting the in-laws and so on. So why do we settle in business with a messy and outdated website, or a brand image which was created in Word using clipart 10+ years ago?  These are vital areas which will give your potential clients a first impression of your business.  I know that when I am searching for a service or a product and the company I come across has a terrible website, I am immediately feeling less likely to use them.

Rebranding doesn’t have to be costly, in most cases it is very cost effective – it is usually re-printing marketing material and re-doing shop signs which carry the costs. We offer a very competitive Brand Design service and as with any service, the first consultation is free. If you are considering a new look but are unsure what to do first, get in touch today and arrange a meeting at your convenience – we’ll even supply the biscuits!