As with most businesses and organisations these days, everyone is fighting to get a better position in search engine results, the coveted ‘First Page of Google”.  But what can you do to help?  There will no doubt be emails in your inbox from people telling you that they can put your site at the top of the results in a couple of days.  They often appear to be sent directly to you, when in reality they are sent to thousands as Spam in the hope that they will get a hook.  These companies / individuals will use aggressive SEO techniques known as Black Hat SEO, which targets the search engine robots instead of the user by using hidden text, keyword and link farming etc. all of which may get the short term result you were promised, but in reality the search engines will soon catch up and your site could soon be banned from search engines for not obeying the guidelines.


SEO when done right, White Hat SEO, can take time.  Building links at an acceptable rate, indexing pages, implementing structured data etc. is not something that can or should be done quickly.  But in layman’s terms, what does this mean to the client, what can a website owner do to help their own site?  Search engines love fresh content, and relevant content. Make sure your pages are individual, not duplicated in anyway, and the content you write is relevant.  Pick a date in the calendar, once a month, once a week or even once a day and write your blog, your latest news or even amend your site pages.  The updates to your site will be recognised and rewarded by the search engines showing your site is not stale and that you’re invested in your website. Now if you don’t have access to update your site yourself, it may be time to think about investing in transferring your website to a CMS (Content Management System) platform, or looking at some SEO campaigns which include time spent on your site’s content to ensure your site is not going stale and slipping through the rankings.


Still unclear or unsure? Get in touch today and lets us give you some feedback on your site, or see how we can help.