With the weather warming up and the sun showing its face, you will often see people outside washing their luxury cars, taking them for drives, parking them centre stage making the rest of us stare and dream about owning such a car. How many people do you know, or have you heard of, that have a beautiful car but keep it in the garage and only show their friends or people who ask to see if directly?  Not many I am guessing.  But surprisingly so many of us act similar to this with regards to our websites.  We pay good money, spend a lot of time and effort getting it looking just right with the right pictures, colours etc. but we do not look at our SEO, or our site’s content.  So your beautiful site remains unseen by the masses, by potential clients.


On the other hand there is a level of understanding when it comes to SEO, we have often heard Joe Bloggs Ltd. tell us they are ranking perfectly on Google “we always come up top of page 1″, to which we ask “what do you search?”.  “Joe Blogg Ltd. Epsom” is the reply.  Yes you should expect to be coming up trumps for this, as the user is searching for you by name – if you don’t you have some serious issues with your website!  What you need to be catering for is the user who doesn’t know you, who needs your service in your area.  You need this user to be your new client.  And through optimisation, you can help your site to achieve this.


In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process where using certain methods we are able to move your site above other sites on the natural, non-paid listings across the major Search Engines. There are two main areas to focus on for SEO, which we believe are most important:


Link building

Links are now considered to count for over 60% of your site’s SEO. Each link is basically seen as a vote for your site, the more votes you have, the more popular your site is seen to be. Inserting Keywords into your links will also help describe your site’s content.



Content is important on your website as it tells the search engine robots what your site is about. To capitalise on this, your content must be structured to have relevant keywords in your meta tags, page titles, headings, content, links etc. To assess the correct keywords our setup campaign analyses current trends and competitors.

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