We have always prided ourselves on helping out where we can.  Whether this is making small changes to a site or design without billing our clients, or even designing and building brands and websites for various good causes and organisations, we’ll try our best to help.  We even make a plan to help one start up company per month, this usually entails a logo and a site at a peppercorn rate, not just because it increases our portfolio and not just to get a good reputation but because we genuinely want to help and go the extra mile wherever we can.

This month has been a busy one for charity based projects including a Dog Rescue centre in South Florida which coincides with a campaign up north which will be building a website for and a little close to home we will be helping out a local start up charity “Charlie’s Angels Foundation” with a logo and a website – watch our portfolio for the finish articles.

For a business point of view this friendly approach will always filter down to you, the client.  We get support enquiries all day every day for small changes and glitches and rather than line our pockets with minimum charges for any update we will be realistic and where possible help you with your enquiry. And it is this approach which sets us apart from the crowd.

Do you currently have a website which seems to cost you the earth with recurring monthly fees, maintenance fees, hugs charges for small updates?  Then get in touch and we can advise you how we can best help, and hopefully start a great relationship moving forwards.