Is this day and age every company should have a brand identity, a logo, something to make the company recognisable.  Some bigger companies and organisations will have their brand drawn up and delivered in the form of brand guidelines which will dictate fonts, colours, positioning and all other aspects of use.  But in this day and age research has suggested that the more we see of something, the less we notice it.

Inspiration from innovators such as MTV, more and more corporations are now adding variety to their branding, but maintaining a concept to keep potential clients interested – be flexible as long as the message is consistent—and recognisable to clients.  Variations can come in the form of colours, rendering and style and more:


Do you have various different aspects to your business? Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to introduce some brand variation across your material.  If you would like to discuss unlocking the potential of your brand, get in touch and organise a chat at your convenience.