With the death of the home computer imminent, the powers that be are realising that the majority of web browsing is done on handheld devices; phones, tablets etc. and in order to appease the ‘user’ we should be providing them with a responsive website.  This is a website which detects the size of the screen which is viewing the site and will change shape to accommodate the device without the need for pinching or tapping the screen to zoom in or out, removing unnecessary images or clutter so the important information is displayed and so on.


It now seems that Google is also recognising this matter and will start ranking mobile friendly sites above non-mobile friendly sites as of 21st April 2015. So it is no wonder we’re inundated with jobs this month to make existing sites responsive.


If your website is not currently responsive, please get in touch so we can provide you with a proposal to carry out the work and stop you from being penalised by Google, with prices from around £300 + VAT it is an affordable solution.